Tuesday, November 15, 2016

UNEXPECTED death of a Son...Please Pray

Anthony Mollano is the son of one of our dear brothers in Christ (Enrique) at the church. He and his other son Jonathon are the only believers in the family. Please pray for this family as the funeral is today and Tio Oscar is going to preach tonight. This young man had been involved in narco trafficking and gang stuff. Just last Thursday at church Enrique asked for special prayer for his family as they were going through a very difficult time. I had no idea that his entire family had been threatened by opposing gang members of impending death. Enrique went to talk with some of those gang members pleading for his (Enrique's) wife, his grandchildren and his daughter. They told him they wouldn't kill any of them, but his son, Anthony was a marked man. Because all of the government offices here in Chile have been on strike (the county morgue as well) it has been difficult to get the body released, but it was finally done this AM and Pastor Oscar had to go and recognize the body as well as dress him as Enrique nor Jonathan could do that (due to grief). Since Sunday night I thought I kept hearing a bunch of fireworks going off close by and they haven't stopped. IT WASN'T FIREWORKS..it was gunfire as the gang members of the deceased son show their grief and remorse at what has happened while  screaming out words of REVENGE. The opposite gang members are answering back with the same gunfire.  I can't believe this is happening AND DON'T BE SCARED...we are safe...but our MAIN PRAYER is for HIS LIGHT TO BE SHONE IN THIS WICKED DARKNESS. And for strength for Enrique and Jonathan.  Anthony's Mom's name is Raquel and our church has been praying for her for years and you can imagine that she is broken completely. Up til now she hasn't wanted to have anything to do with God or the church...we are praying that this tragedy may change her heart.

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