Saturday, October 22, 2016

What makes me SMILE????

I know....he is absolutely ADORABLE.  His name?  Seth Craig Dooley and right now he is 6 months old.  NO, I haven't seen him physically...but guess what ...

I will be with him on the 7th of December...JUST 45 MORE DAYS!!  Seth is my fourth grandchild, BUT THE FIRST FROM MY SON AND MY DAUGHTER-IN-LAW.  Of course the fact that he is my grandson makes him SUPER SPECIAL...BUT..the fact that doctor's told Will and Mandy they wouldn't be able to have biological children and GOD PROVED THEM WRONG...makes him even that more special!!  I'm sorry...I didn't hear you?? Did you say you wanted to meet my other grandchildren...well of course....  I thought you would never ask!!

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