Thursday, October 13, 2016

I'm REALLY doing this?!?

I looked back at my OLD blogger and the last post was in October of 2010...not too bad...ONLY 6 years ago.  I must take a moment to THANK MY DAUGHTER, JOY MORYKON....for lovingly prodding me into entering "blogger-land" (don't know if that is a real thing or not??)  So, um..yea...I am BACK IN CHILE... I hope I didn't cause anyone to faint or have a heart attack!!  I came back in February of 2015 to "try it out"  As my Blog Title says "In GOD"S Hands"  that is where I'm at, one step at a time, learning and living once again in Santiago, CHILE.

AHEM....we were champs this year too!!!   I's CRAZY...but WONDERFUL as well. I did it and there will be more to come as I try and "rewind" for you all...HOW IN THE WORLD DID GOD DO THIS......   

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  1. Yay for daughters encouraging their mommas! I look forward to this new blog.