Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sherry Miller IS WHERE?

Does anyone know what a BLAST from the past is like????  I do and so does my daughter, Joy!  So let's back up in time to 1979.   I was VERY pregnant with my daughter, Joy, at the time and we lived in an apartment complex in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. in the summertime and it was hot and so was I.  One day at the community pool I met this young Mom and her ????3 year old son Jeff.  We hit it off and before long she and her husband were at our apartment having dinner with us.  HA..I remember "Pastor Bill" (that was my husband who is now in heaven) had even gone into our church nursery to make sure we had toys for Jeff to play with.  That night Sherry and her husband, Steve (who is no longer with her) prayed to receive Christ as their Savior.  Sherry and I were  immediately kindred Spirits. When Bill and I went to Chile as missionaries for the first time in 1984 I don't know who cried the most...our parents or SHERRY!!  How wonderful is our Heavenly Father that the VERY same loving arms that hugged me good-bye from Miami, FL...were there to receive me in 1987 when we once again stepped on USA Soil!!...AND YOU LITTLE SNEAK...SHERRY...You even had a BIGGER surprise for and my father had some how conspired for HIM to be there too as you and I rounded the corner in the Miami airport.  Now come on??? WHO does "MRS. M"
>>>>>FAST FORWARD>>>>>

October 22, 2016  My daughter, Joy, and her sweet family are in Lynchburg, VA. with her in-laws and Brian (that's my AMAZING Son-in-law) had planned a free musical concert at the Grace EV Free Church where we all used to attend.

About 2 weeks before the date I messaged Sherry (she and her sweet hubby, Richard, now live in Lynchburg) and WHAT???  what??? WHAT???  They attend Grace EV Free Church.  You guessed it...they went to the concert...I saw pictures and they sat on the front row!  Here is what my daughter had to say about the experience..... 
"This is Sherry Miller. My mom met her when she was pregnant with me. Mom led her to Christ. Hadn't seen her in 20yrs or more. What a fun night to reconnect. She is precious. (Just happen to be living in Lynchburg and goes to the church where we went for 10yrs and had the concert tonight!)"
Thank YOU God for giving us pieces of heaven right here on earth....AND THANK YOU SHERRY MILLER (YOU TOO RICHARD) FOR CONTINUING TO LOVE GOD AND MY FAMILY)

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